touchless solutions

Choose the styles you want with the features you need. You can get new hands-free solutions that are built to last and will keep you and your customers safe.

High-Efficiency Touchless Solutions for Commercial Properties

Saving water and keeping our customers safe are two of our biggest priorities at SWE. That’s why we are now offering touchless solutions for all commercial properties. Due to COVID-19, it’s encouraged to change frequently used fixtures to touch-free devices, and we offer a variety of solutions to meet all your needs. Toilets, urinals, sink faucets, soap dispensers, and paper towel dispensers are all available to our customers. Contact us if you are interested in transitioning to a touch-free business!

  • Faucets

    Touchless Battery powered mid body sloan faucet


    From faucets controlled and maintained with your smartphone, to time-tested traditional sensor faucets, we have the touchless solution that is right for you. There are many styles and options available that can suit any restroom.


  • Soap Dispensers

    Polished Chrome Finished, touchless Sloan Faucet, and Soap dispenser Combo


    Install new touchless soap dispensers along with your touch-free faucets to keep your customers and employees safe. Many touchless faucets have matching touchless soap dispensers to maintain uniformity in your bathroom. Wall-mounted and counter-mounted options are both available.


  • Flustometer

    Chrome Commercial battery-powered sensor Flush Valve the perfect touchless solutions


    We have several options for hands-free flush valves, such as side-mounted, integrated, or concealed valves. All are available for both toilets and urinals. Keep your restrooms clean, your patrons safe, and save water with our touchless flushometers.


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