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What do customers think of Stack?

SWE was a major contributor in making our Ultra-Low Flush Program a success. With SWE’s marketing efforts, we were able to exhaust all of our funding for our toilet program for the 2005 fiscal year. We have not received any calls from out customers regarding any dissatisfaction with the work of the installers or their professionalism. I am pleased to state that Mr. Dale Chessher operates as a professional plumbing contractor and would encourage anyone to use SWEs services in marketing, administration, and installation of water-saving toilets in any water districts program.


City of Sacramento Department of Utilities logo
Ryan A. Geach
City of Sacramento, Utility Service Inspector

Southwest Environmental, Inc. was selected through a Request For Proposal process to provide our customers with new water-saving toilets. SWEs work has proved to be detailed and complete, working closely with Contra Costa Water District customers and staff to ensure all retrofits were completed satisfactorily and that all applications and vouchers were completed accurately and submitted on time. SWE has successfully completed thousands of residential and commercial retrofits for CCWD over the past ten years. SWE has helped CCWD ensure the success of our toilet retrofit programs.

Contra Costa Water district logo
Ray Cardwell
Contra Costa Water District, Water Conservation Specialist

Our hotel recently participated in the LADWP Toilet Retrofit Program. SWE preformed the installation of over 1,300 toilets in 17 days. Our water savings are proving to be greater than 25% per month. I highly recommend SWE as a plumbing retrofit contractor and hope that you also take advantage of these types of programs while funding is available.


The Hilton LAX airport
Jim Davis
Director, Property Operations Hilton, LAX

SWE has retrofit over 1700 toilets for us, they have kept us informed of the rebate program and they have assisted us in obtaining such rebates. Their work is fast, efficient, professional and clean. I highly recommend Courtney Booth, his professional plumbers and staff. We are very happy with their products and the manner in which SWE installs these toilets in our complexes.

Logo for Haken Cono Assad and Company San Diego Real Estate Services
Mike Hennessey
Vice President, Hanken, Cono & Assad Property Management

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