What are the perks of switching to high-efficiency fixtures?

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In California, you can no longer purchase a toilet that is over 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF). 1.28 GPF toilets are considered high efficiency, but there are also ultra-high-efficiency toilets that flush even less. When switching to high-efficiency toilets, there are rarely ever any disadvantages. High efficiency and ultra-high-efficiency toilets are hydro engineered to allow for less water use with the same effectiveness as traditional toilets. These fixtures currently being created are not only functional but quite stylish as well! 

How much water will I save?

Say you have four people living in your home, and your toilets are 1.6 GPF. Each person on average usually flushes about seven times per day, which ends up being around 196 flushes per week. This equates to about 16,352 gallons per year, simply by flushing the toilet! You can cut that in half by switching to a 0.8 GPF toilet. 

How much money can I actually save?

Here’s where it gets a little more complicated. Let’s get into some math. On your water bill, the amount of water used is measured in CCFs or HCFs (100 cubic feet). 100 cubic feet of water = 748 gallons of water.

The water companies will charge a certain dollar amount per HCF. Let’s say, for example purposes, they charge $4.00 per HCF. 

There will also typically be some other charges added on, such as sewer charges or program charges. So let’s imagine the new total is $6.00 per HCF. 

If your family is using 16,352 gallons of water per year (just in toilet flushes), you would take that number and divide it by the HCF gallon amount. 

16,352 gallons per year / 748 = 21.86 HCFs per year

Then you will multiply that number by how much is charged per HCF, which in this example is $6.00. 

21.86 HCFs per year x $6.00 = $131.16 per year (just from flushing the toilet!)

Again, this number can be cut in half by switching to a 0.8 GPF toilet!

Not only can you change out your toilets, but you can switch to high-efficiency showerheads, bathroom sink faucet aerators, and kitchen faucet aerators for even more savings!