Santa Clara Valley Water District invites business and apartment owners, property management companies and facility engineers to participate in this FREE High-Efficiency Toilet and Urinal Flush Valve retrofit program. Offer includes new fixtures and standard installation for qualifying commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-family customers within Santa Clara County.

Eligibility Requirements:

• Must be a commercial, industrial, institutional or multi-family property located within Santa Clara County.
• Existing toilets must flush 3.5 gallons of water or more per flush.
• Urinal Valves being replaced must flush 1.0 gallons of water or more per flush.

Cost of the Program:

• The Toilets, Urinal Flush Valve and Installation are all FREE of charge*.

Program Includes:

• WaterSense Labeled High-Efficiency Toilet (Including Flushometer Toilets)
• Urinal Flush Valve or Diaphragm
• New Toilet Seat
• New wax ring or neoprene seal
• New water supply line (as necessary)
• Professional Installation (Southwest Environmental, Inc. License # 458682)
• One year warranty on all workmanship
• Full manufacturer’s warranty
• Removal and recycling of all old materials

This program is available until December 31st, 2014, or when funds have been expended.

To learn more or to participate in the program, contact Southwest Environmental, Inc. toll-free at (800) 307-5700.

Click here for the program link on Santa Clara Valley Water District’s web site.

Click here to download a program flyer.

Click here to download a program participation form and W-9.

Click here for follow-up service or warranty information.

*Free installation allows for standard installation only. Unique site conditions, such as bad angle stops, flanges, rotted flooring, etc., are not covered under the free installation.