Courtney Booth


Courtney oversees all aspects of projects and programs administered by Southwest Environmental, Inc. (SWE). Courtney has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from California State University, Sacramento and over 20 years of experience working with utility companies, marketing firms, property owners, and product manufacturers on water and energy conservation programs. As a visionary recognizing the population’s ever-growing demand for water and energy, and through years of hard work and dedication, Courtney has built SWE into the most proficient and respected conservation construction company in the state of California. As the emphasis on water and energy conservation continues to grow, and as more conservation programs are being developed, Courtney oversees the continued growth of SWE. His commitment ensures SWE’s place as an industry leader. SWE will continue expanding to accommodate opportunities that are currently being established throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Dale Chessher

Director of Operations

Dale came to work for SWE in 2004 as Director of Operations. Dale has been in the construction industry all of his life, supervising and coaching crews of up to 150 field employees and maintaining a full administrative staff. Dale is an active consultant for the California Urban Water Conservation Council (Group 3). He works hand-in-hand with various utilities and Project Managers as well as SWE’s staff to ensure all of the goals and objectives of SWE’s contracts are achieved on time and within budget. Dale is recognized by the AWWA California-Nevada Section as a Water Use Efficiency Practitioner, Grade 1

John Weber

Director of Business Development

John has a Bachelor’s Degree in Leadership and Management and helps bring everyone together to deliver exemplary results. He has been in sales, marketing and project management for the past ten years. John is a member of the American Water Works Association, is recognized by the AWWA California-Nevada Section as a Water Use Efficiency Practitioner, Grade 1, and is in the process of fulfilling the Irrigation Association’s requirements to become an IA Certified Irrigation Landscape Auditor.

John oversees and facilitates the development and coordination of strategic marketing agendas for programs administered by SWE. By attending and participating in industry workshops, webinars and tradeshows he makes sure that SWE remains on the cutting edge of water and energy use efficiency trends and technologies.

As new opportunities arise, John scouts and plans the location for new SWE offices/warehouses. He supervises warehouse personnel, oversees inventory control, assures that all old materials are recycled and that all employees and practices are in compliance with SWE’s Green Business policies.

John plays a key role in all phases of SWE’s day-to-day business. He ensures that all programs managed by SWE and all associated interests in such programs are represented with integrity, enthusiasm and a sense of environmental stewardship.

Hien Le

Project Manager

Hien has been a valued member of the SWE family for over seven years. She has extensive experience administering, scheduling, recording, billing and responding to inquiries for a variety of water and energy use efficiency programs. Such programs include audits, rebates, vouchers and direct-install. Hien has worked with the So Cal WaterSmart Program, California Water Service Company, the Solano County HET Direct Install Program, various programs for Contra Costa Water District, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric. Hien’s attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and superb technical skills have proven extremely valuable to SWE and the clients we serve. She ensures that all reporting, billing, scheduling, and invoicing is completed in a meticulous, effective, and efficient manner.

Chris Timmer

Irrigation Auditor

Chris manages SWE’s indoor/outdoor water auditing services. Chris comes to SWE with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Geography from California State University, Sacramento. Chris lives and breathes environmental stewardship and helps all of us recognize ways in which we can be more environmentally responsible. While completing his degree, Chris undertook a water auditor internship with Solano County Water Agency. He fulfilled a key role in their very successful program and remains in contact with the Agency as a trainer and consultant. Chris specializes in residential, multi-family, commercial and large landscape irrigation systems. His knowledge and experience also lend to him being an excellent source for conducting indoor water audits and analyses.

Chris participates in education and outreach events teaching people how to prevent wasting water and providing simple and effective strategies on ways to conserve. Chris goes beyond business as usual to help our clients understand the full potential of their water conservation efforts.