San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is offering low-income properties the opportunity to upgrade indoor plumbing fixtures at no cost. San Francisco residents participating in the Community Assistance Program (CAP) are eligible to receive new High-Efficiency Toilets free of charge, installation included. Select non-profit multi-family housing complexes are also eligible.

The goal of this program is to save water while providing new fixtures and technical services to a demographic that can greatly benefit from the utility savings. The High-Efficiency Toilets installed through the program carry the EPA’s WaterSense Label, have a maximum flush volume of 1.28 gallons of water per flush and save water and money.

Single-Family Participation Requirements:

  • Be a SFPUC Single-Family Residential Water Customer
  • Participate in the Community Assistance Program
  • Have an older “high-flow” toilet
  • Contact SFPUC to verify eligibility

Multi-Family Participation Requirements:

  • Be a SFPUC Multi-Family Water Account Customer
  • Provide Affordable Housing (housing criteria is at the sole discretion of the SFPUC. Inquire for more details.)
  • Have older “high-flow” toilets

Click here to visit San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s program page:

For more information on the Direct Install Program, including information on the CAP program and which low-income multi-family housing properties are eligible, please call the SFPUC at (415) 551-4790.