Southwest Environmental, Inc. (SWE) is celebrating its 21st year in business. For the past 20 years, SWE has specialized in working with water and energy utilities, property owners and real estate management companies on various water use efficiency and energy conservation programs. SWE guarantees that all products and services rendered will deliver customer oriented, sustainable results!

Services Offered by Southwest Environmental, Inc.

  • Direct Installation of Efficient Fixtures
  • Product Distribution Events
  • Indoor / Outdoor Water Use and Energy Efficiency Audits
  • Utility Program Marketing, Management and Administration

California Contractors State License Board Number: 458682

General Contractor (B-1) │ Plumbing Contractor (C-36) │ Electrical Contractor (C-10) │ Landscape Contractor (C-27)

From statewide utility companies, to nationwide property management companies, to worldwide hotel ownership groups, SWE has and will continue to place customer service as our main objective. We build lasting relationships and deliver sustainable savings. In order to accomplish these goals we visit our customers’ properties to ensure they will benefit from an upgrade program. We analyze each site to help determine and understand the best products for the specific application and we work with our customers to accommodate their scheduling needs. Our team of professional installers maintains SWE’s high standards for customer service and product performance. Our installers are courteous and respectful, on time, maintain a clean and safe workplace and ensure that each customer has all the information and/or training necessary to most efficiently use the new products we have installed.

We are proud to say that SWE is the most accomplished and reputable retrofit company in California. By maintaining the highest ethical standards, conscientious customer service and delivering measurable results, SWE will maintain our reputation of excellence for years to come.

Courtney W. Booth, founder and President of SWE recently stated.   “Over the past 20 years we have seen a number of similar retrofit companies come and go. SWE has endured through the good times and the hard times. We will continue to grow, continue to enhance the services we offer and we will always stand behind our workmanship…we will be there for our customers and stand behind the products and services we provide.”

SWE is headquartered in San Diego, CA with a satellite location in South San Francisco, CA. As opportunities’ present themselves SWE has and will open other satellite offices in various locations around the state and country.

SWE has a well-earned reputation for fulfilling commitments and delivering results. Contractual obligations have always been fulfilled by SWE without termination or default. SWE is a stable organization with the vision, financial strength, personnel and infrastructure required to successfully complete your project on time and within budget.