Southwest Environmental, Inc. is offering a new High-Efficiency Toilet along with professional installation for just $99* after SoCal Water$mart rebate.

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Follow these 3 simple steps!


Step 1)  Register for your SoCal Water$mart rebate(s) at

Helpful tips:

  • Click “Get Your Rebate Here”    Get Your Rebate Here Icon to make a rebate reservation.
  • Have your water bill available.
  • Fill in all of your information.  If you have questions call the Water$mart help line at (888) 376-3314.
  • Once this step is completed you should receive an email with a rebate reservation number from SoCal Water$mart within a few minutes.


Step 2)  Call Southwest Environmental at (800) 307-5700 to schedule your toilet installation,

Helpful tips:

  • Decide if you want a Round-Front $99, Elongated $124 or ADA (comfort height) $185 toilet.
  • Decide if you want a new toilet seat with your toilet.  Southwest Environmental offers new round-front seat for $15 and elongated seats for $20.
  • If you choose to keep your old toilet seat, please make sure to remove it before the plumber arrives to install your new toilet.  Removal and installation of toilet seats not purchased from Southwest Environmental is the responsibility of the home owner.
  • Southwest Environmental will haul away and recycle old toilets for $10 each.  If you opt to dispose of your old toilet contact your waste management company for disposal instructions.


Step 3)  Get your Rebate $$$

  • Follow the instruction in your confirmation email from SoCal Water$mart to submit for your rebate.
  • Southwest Environmental will provide you with the required purchase and installation receipt.
  • Submit your rebate information and receipt to SoCal Water$mart and start $aving!


*$99 is the total out of pocket cost for a new Western Pottery, Round-Front (Model 822-HET) toilet including standard installation after the $100 SoCal Water$mart rebate**. Total amount invoiced from Southwest Environmental to the customer for this toilet and installation will be $199.  Customer is responsible for applying for and obtaining rebate(s) from SoCal Water$mart per the Terms and Conditions of the program.

**Standard installation includes removal of old toilet, professional installation of new toilet, new wax ring and new brass mounting hardware.  Abnormal conditions are instances such as rotten or deteriorating flooring, carpet around the base of the toilet, angle stop valves that do not completely shut off and rotten or deteriorated toilet flanges, etc.  Abnormal conditions may result in additional charges.